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Human Factors Challenges of Remotely Operated / Autonomous Transport

Adjunct seminar of the Maritime Industry 2030 Kick-Off conference

There is an increasing focus on development and operation of remotely controlled and autonomous transport. Driverless trains in airports and metropolitan areas are already familiar, and drones are used in aviation, where pilotless passenger airplanes are also discussed. In sea, air and road transport we see the contours of remotely controlled and autonomous ships, airplanes and cars in the horizon. The technical side of such operations, as well as liability and costs have drawn a lot of attention but sometimes the human side of the operations seems to have been forgotten. After all, there is a need for a human operator to monitor operations and to intervene, control and manage the systems in case of unforeseen situations. This seminar will focus on the human factors side of remotely controlled and autonomous systems and address issues such as: What is required to maintain or achieve adequate situational awareness for an operator of remotely controlled or autonomous systems? What is a human being capable of in terms of perception and attention when having to intervene at short notice? Will we trust autonomous air, sea and land vehicles with our lives when we meet them? The speakers represent operational experts from the shipping and airline industry as well as leading experts and researchers in human factors having studied human factors in a wide range of operational domains characterized by a very high level of automation. The first part of the seminar will be in Danish, and the second part in English.


11.10 – 11:30 Registrering og kaffe

11:30 - 12:40 DEL 1 (foredrag på dansk)
Velkomst v. Henning Boje Andersen, DTU Management Engineering Inst.

Thomas Koester, Psychologist/Human Factors Specialist, FORCE Technology
Psykologiske perspektiver på udfordringer for operatøren i forbindelse med automatisering af transport

Søren Westerskov, Lodschef, Danpilot
Lodsning af det autonome skib.

Uffe Holstener-Jørgensen, Oberst og chef for Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
Træning med 5. generations kampfly

12.40 – 13.30 Frokost og netværk

13.30 – 15.10 DEL 2 (presentations in English)
Introduction: Peter K. Sørensen, FORCE Technology

Stig Johnsen, Senior Scientist, SINTEF, Norge
Human Factors challenges of Autonomous transport systems - a risk based approach

Thomas Porathe, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology/NTNU, Norway
What is actually going on? HMI design and situation awareness in remote monitoring and control of unmanned ships

Panel discussion

Seminaret afholdes i forbindelse med Maritime Industry 2030 Kick-Off Conference, den 5. og 6. februar, Copenhagen Business School. Læs mere her

Seminaret er arrangeret af DTU Management Institute, Human Factors Group, og FORCE Technology, Division for Maritime Industry i samarbejde med: SimTrans, Dansk Human Factors Netværk /DHFN, IDA Risk, CBS Maritime og Transportens Innovationsnetværk/TINV

Medlemmer af Simtrans, her 
Andre inkl. medlemmer af IDA Risk, her



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