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The Transport Innovation Network
The Transport Innovation Network (TINV) is a national, cross disciplinary network aimed at the Danish Transport sector. The primary objectives of TINV are to create synergy, encourage match-making and generate research and development projects between stakeholders in the transport sector and research- and educational institutions, as well as related sectors such as energy and infrastructure.

Denmark’s competitive position depends on the technological leadership of the transport sector. Accordingly, it is paramount for the Danish transport sector to be able to draw on the latest technology knowledge and research. Through a number of sub-activities, TINV works to gather the different players across the transport scene with the aim of creating synergy, identifying the need for new technologies and initiating projects between our members to ensure development and implementation of these.

Current activities

  • Vehicle Technology

  • Energy in Transport

  • Maritime Technology and Business Development

  • Logistics

  • Intelligent Transport Systems

  • CSR in Transport

  • Innovation in Transport

  • Competence Development and Education

  • Internationalization

Focus areas
Climate and Environment – Energy optimization – Safety – Match-making between industry and research institutions, national and internationally – Synergies between sea and land – Infrastructure, intermodality, and energy supply – competence development – Logistics and transport optimization.

TINV was initiated by the Danish Technological Institute, Force Technology, Maritime Development Center and the Transport Economic Association. The secretariat is divided between these partners, and backed by a consortium that further includes University of Southern Denmark and Technological University of Denmark. 
TINV is funded by the Danish Council for innovation and technology.