Invitation: Digitization and Automation in the Maritime Supply Chain Conference

TINV and CBS Maritime is happy to invite you to this year’s conference on digitization and automation in the maritime supply chain, on 31 May 2017. 

Last year, the CBS Maritime/TINV conference “Maritime Technology and Business Development” brought together actors from different parts of the maritime value chain to discuss and share experiences on regulation-driven product development, collaborative innovation, and servitization. Focus was on facilitating innovation through knowledge sharing of best practices, and examining how product and service innovation in the maritime supply industry can be strengthened despite the many challenges.

This year, CBS Maritime hosts the TINV conference “Digitization and Automation in the Maritime Supply Chain”. The conference addresses important challenges and opportunities for companies in the maritime industry, with focus on the transition from manned to autonomous ships, including questions about time horizon and transition, as well as the business models and management systems needed to accommodate the changes, the risk and reward distribution, allocation of responsibility, cyber security, and laws and regulation.

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