Three more years!

Two years ago, MDC, which TINV is a part of, was awarded the gold certificate based on the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). ECEI sets the standard for cluster organization management in order to benchmark the cluster organizations management processes and the way the organizations offer their services to their members.

This year, the gold certificate was up for re-assessment and through our dedication to the further development of our services and activities to our members, cluster management processes, strategy and membership management we have be re-awarded the “Cluster Organization Management Excellence Label (Quality Label) GOLD”.

We are proud and excited to have been re-awarded the gold certificate, the – for us – ultimate quality stamp of international recognition. All our hard work for the Blue Denmark has really paid off but we also realize that we cannot rest on our laurels, we must continue our quest of tying together the Blue Denmark and create results through our activities; dissemination, innovation and collaboration, says Mikkel Hansen, CEO at MDC.

Chairman of MDC, Erik Østergaard, CEO of Danish Transport and Logistics, agrees with Mikkel Hansen: I am pleased that the international community once again recognizes that our work for the Blue Denmark is important. It serves to underline the fact that MDC is the leading maritime cluster organization in Denmark. I congratulate the MDC Team with the re-award of the gold certificate.

A gold certificate makes MDC and TINV attractive collaborators for both national and international clusters, companies and organizations which means that MDC continues to be in a strong position with respect to accessing a broader and stronger network as well as better access to funding.

Therefore, with the continued gold certificate in hand MDC and TINV can carry on focusing on the maritime industry and all types of companies active in this industry. Our activities and services range from professional and social events over projects to secretariat services. MDC currently represents 176 committed cluster participants mainly from the business sector.

Since our foundation in 1999 as a membership-based organization, we have demonstrated relevance for our cluster participants for more than two decades celebrating our 20th anniversary in January 2019.