Destination South Korea - Get a sneak-peek of Danish-Korean collaboration!

What is InnovationCamp about?
All eyes on South Korea where the Danish delegates and South Korean hosts are part of InnovationCamp taking place in Busan, one of the world’s largest hubs in East Asia. InnovationCamp is a two-day seminar, where representants of both countries are developing maritime services, innovation and establishing cooperation and potential future partnerships with companies and research institutions.
The Maritime InnovationCamp is presenting some of the key results from the EfficianSea2 project led by the Danish Maritime Authority. The overall aim of the EfficienSea2 project is to create and implement innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved connectivity for ships. 


The Innovation Camp was open today by the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen. The participants had an opportunity to hear about the new maritime solutions and the way forward regarding implementation within maritime digitalization and eNavigation.


Towards digital solutions
After the opening ceremony, the diverse teams of Danish and Korean attendees began workshops regarding the digital change in the maritime industry, where their task was to identify the market needs and opportunities and develop concepts within those frames.  Tomorrow, the team members will pitch their ideas followed by feedback and Q&A sessions. In the afternoon, B2B meetings are expected to be held between Danish and Korean companies. 


The InnovationCamp is organized by the collaboration of Maritime Developments Center, Innovation Centre Denmark in South Korea, Danish Maritime Group and Danish Maritime Authority.